Just because people are whining doesnt mean they dont like


I have thought for some time they want two dialogue"sets" per villager: one because of their character, and yet another for Animal Crossing Bells their own species. That way they could still have a reasonable amount of work in development when devoting some more variety in Their villagers

Yeah I do know the lack of development in that front there are more than 400 villagers now. Expecting each person to be wholey unique could be unreasonable.

While it would be hard to make cuts without someone losing a popular, I'd think that if they trimmed the roster so as to make every more unique or include more varietyIt appears to be the very first thing every villager states every day, which hides all the really (semi automatic ) unique dialogue they have two or three interactions down.

I enjoy the game but aside from some changes, I feel that the gameloop is becoming less dynamic. I recall speaking to villagers and them having me do chores and things for them. Now they give me insistent lines.

I feel like bits have improved up to the game has regressed.

I'm 130 hours in btw.

I am best friends with Apple and Aurora (obtained their pictures). In all honesty, I can not remember them asking lots favors. The only ones I get are the occasional"can you send this apology to someone" stuff. I recall previously it was far more regular.

Just because people are whining doesnt mean they dont like animal crossing matches, that's a false equivalency. I adore the AC show but this one just felt hollow as fuck...

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