I have been playing the sport every day since launching


Another huge shortcoming of the series is the lack of thickness with thing interactivity. More items need to Animal Crossing Bells be interactive(eg you need to be able to lounge in pools like you can with seats ), and lots of items need to be more impressive when utilized (eg that the cannon should produce an actual cannonball as a substitute for a sad puff of smoke, and arcades need to have a little mini-game attached). This is especially true of larger items which take up a great deal of space. For how large it is, it is really annoying that I can't get in the teacup ride.

Been a massive fan of the series since Wild World, place thousands of hours to Wild World and New Leaf each and loved those matches. Will be a number of my all time favorites forever.

Appears a significant part of longtime AC fans feel the same. Except for those who don't like hearing anything aside from a 100% positive opinion of this game.

I like the game. It's still the default option island and I have seen some people nuts, I still lack the creativity to do this.

My only other gripes is villager interactions which feel bogged down in comparison to previous entries and some spawn rates for certain bugs/fish are absurd.

People let nostalgia cloud their judgement far too often in this sub.

I enjoyed them but I do not have any incentive to input anymore. The connections with villagers are dull at most and the decoration item is a bit overwhelming. Still I come back like 1-2 times Each Week

I have been playing the sport every day since launching and have 225 hours in it. I feel some folks are attempting to have everything done in this sport as quickly as possible, and then upset when they find there is nothing then. They constantly go to islands that have high rates for turnips, get countless bells, and upgrade their home and can purchase everything they ever require. Additionally trading recipes and paintings. I really don't play online in cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items any way, and still have not upgraded my house fully.

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